Thursday, August 24, 2017

A final draft!

After a long delay, I have finally completed a final draft. All that is left is to set the Amazon e-book formatting and submit. The chapter headings are as they were when the first full draft was completed, but the book is now longer (over 26,000 words) and better written ‒ with many thanks to those that agreed to read it!

A random physicist takes on economics

  1. Introduction. I finally tell the whole story of how I ended up doing this stuff.
  2. The critique. I lay out my critique of economics.
  3. Physicists. This is where I address economists' weird relationship with physics.
  4. Random people. Basically Gary Becker's 1962 irrational behavior paper explained with grade school math and blueberries.
  5. Another dimension. Saturating the budget constraint in a large number of dimensions explained with grade school math.
  6. Advantage: E. coli. Comparative advantage and economic behavior in biological systems.
  7. Great expectations. How expectations in economics let you get any result you want (explained with dice).
  8. Rigid like elastic. Entropic forces and sticky prices.
  9. SMDH. The SMD theorem in terms of blueberries and blueberry smoothies.
  10. The economic problem. Information equilibrium and the price mechanism.
  11. Economics versus sociology. When is the economy amenable to economics and when is it amenable to sociology?
  12. Are we not agents? Causal entropic forces and intelligence.
  13. Conclusions. Going forward, what are the recommendations for a research program and for policy?

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